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Ironslide Stick-on Reflective Ironing Board Cover

The “Fit & Stick” cover is made from a space-age fabric that reflects the heat of your iron BACK to the garment. Effectively ironing both sides at once. Not only that, “Fit & Stick” actually sticks to your ironing board so it doesn’t move around when you’re ironing. Just trim to fit.

  • Fits any size board and comes with its own foam pad (It is extra with the Extra Large Size Cover)
  • Easy to keep clean, resistant to fusible, starches, and interfacing
  • Reflects 300% more heat than a regular cotton cover and… stays put.

Fits all regular boards up to 15″ wide. 19×59 inches $19.99 with free foam pad
Extra Large Boards 29 x 65 inches $32.99 Does NOT come with Foam pad
Extra Large Boards 29 x 65 inches $38.99 WITH FOAM PADDING



Choose a Size 19" x 59", 29″ x 65″ with foam pad, 29" x 65"
5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Ironing Board Covers

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Craig on June 25, 2014 :

    Works very well. I bought through Amazon and there were a few comments about people fumbling with installation… It went perfectly for me. Think ahead, go slow and it will turn out perfectly. Should be a lifetime cover for me (but I’m old!).

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Mary on August 19, 2014 :

    I bought this cover in the ’90’s at a Sewing Expo. Still using it! At one point I put another cover over it – my husband took it off when he wanted to iron his shirt. I’m getting another one for my other home

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